Servicios - La Tina
Sound design and music for film. ADR, Foley, BGs, Sound Efects, Mix, VR Audio, other
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Sound Design

We carefully create, edit and design each sonic element that will be part of our projects: Dialogues, Foley, Backgrounds, and Sound Effects.

Surround Mixing

After meticulously designing the soundtrack, we balance all the elements in our studio, or other studios around the world, to get the final sound we are looking for since the beginning of a project.


We invite you to record at our studio through Source Connect, without even having to set a foot in it. Record and monitor from anywhere in the world.

Dialogue and ADR

We edit production sound to get clean and clear dialogues. Then we record any ADR that will make the film better.


We re-enact the movie from the aural perspective. Footsteps, prop handling, clothing movements…. etc. We play with acoustics to add depth to Foley sounds and enrich the picture. Foley recorded with the best methods and tools.


We record and edit different layers of sound in order to produce striking effects that dramatically enhance the scenes by producing, through sound, the particular sensations which the director wishes to portray.


We record original and appropriate environmental sounds, that we then treat as musical elements to create the right atmospheres for the story, unique to each production.


We experiment with a variety of different formats and methods when creating sound for audio-visuals and installations. We also work with VR Sound.

Film Scoring

We work either with the orchestra, our synths, or whatever it takes, to create a powerful soundtrack for your movie. Each project is a different world, our music reflects that.

Sound design and post production for film

We see sound as a fundamental and infinitely expressive medium for cinematic language